Rowan County Clerk

Our mission is to be the most cost-efficient and customer focused clerk's office in the state of Kentucky.

Contact Us

If you are trying to contact the Circuit Court Clerk (anything that is court related) please call 606-783-8505 or go to –​ 

Please contact us by phone, email, or in person.

Additional Contact Information

Judge Executive: Harry Clark 606-784-5151
Clerk: Elwood Caudill, Jr. 606-784-5212
Circuit Clerk: Kimberly Tabor 606-783-8505
Sheriff: Matt Sparks 606-784-5446
Attorney: Cecil Watkins 606-784-4640
Treasurer: Michele Jesse 606-784-5457
Property Valuation: Carmen Eldridge Swim 606-784-5512
Extension Office: 606-784-5457
Solid Waste & Flood Plain Management: Tyler Brown 606-784-6345
Jail: Wes Coldiron 606-784-8457
Board of Health Environment: Brianna Fannin 606-784-8954 ext: 151
Plumbing Inspector: Chris Ferguson 606-784-8954 ext: 150
E-911 Coordinator: Dwight Clark 606-780-0704
Circuit Judges: Bill Lane 606-783-8512
District Judge: Don Blair 606-783-8515
District Judge: Willie Roberts 859-498-6622
Commonwealth Attorneys: 859-498-0911
Morehead – Rowan County Economic Development Council: 606-784-5874
Morehead – Rowan County Chamber of Commerce: 606-784-6221
Mayor of Morehead: Laura White-Brown 606-784-8505
Morehead City Clerk: Crissy Cunningham 606-784-8505
Morehead City Zoning & Planning: Rodney Fouch 606-784-4376
Mayor of Lakeview: Sam Mason 606-784-5271
City Attorney: Joyce Planck-Stevens 606-784-8505

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