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Fee Schedule

Per KRS 64.012, the fee schedule will change on January 1, 2020.

Effective January 1st, 2020

 Recorded inTotalNotes 
Affidavit of Descent and Affidavit of DistributionDeeds$501
Agreement - Marital, Mortgage Modification, or SubordinationDeeds$461
Fixture Continuation, Assignment, Amendment, Correction, Partial ReleaseDeeds$461
Assignment of MortgageDeeds$461
Assignment of Rents, of Leases, and of Mineral LeasesDeeds$5012
Assignment of Vendor’s LienDeeds$4612
Condo — DeedDeeds$501
Master Deed for CondominiumsDeeds$501
Contract Real Estate/LandDeeds$501
Declaration of TrustDeeds$461
Deed of CorrectionDeeds$461
Deed of RestrictionsDeeds$501
Easement ReleaseDeeds$461
Land Use RestrictionsDeeds$501
Lease — Real Estate and/or EquipmentDeeds$501
Real Estate OptionDeeds$501
Release of Mortgage — Full or PartialDeeds$461
Power of AttorneyDeeds$501
Revocation of Power of AttorneyDeeds$461
Fixture Filing (with prepaid release)Mortgages$961
Fixture Filing with assignment (with prepaid release)Mortgages$1421
Mortgage with MERS/assignmentMortgages$1265
Appointment of Guardianship/ConservatorLis Pendens$461
Bail Bonds — Property as Surety (with Prepaid Release)Lis Pendens$63
Child Support Lien — In StateLis Pendens$5
Child Support Lien Release — In StateLis Pendens$5
Child Support Lien — Out of StateLis Pendens$461
Child Support Lien Release — Out of StateLis Pendens$461
Judgment LienLis Pendens$461
Judgment Lien ReleaseLis Pendens$461
Lis Pendens NoticeLis Pendens$461
Lis Pendens Notice Release ( except for State Tax Liens)Lis Pendens$461
Tax Lien — FederalLis Pendens$461
Tax Lien Release — FederalLis Pendens$4612
Tax Lien — StateLis Pendens$5
Tax Lien Release — StateLis Pendens$5
Bond to Release Mechanics LienMechanics Liens$60
Mechanics LienMechanics Liens$461
Mechanics Lien ReleaseMechanics Liens$461
Articles and Amended Articles (Profit & Nonprofit)Articles$461
Assumed NameAssumed Name$461
Name ChangeName Change$431
PlatPlat Cabinet$50
Notary Bond FilingBonds$19
Disclaimer of WillWills$461
Renunciation of WillWills$461
Other Probate RecordsDeeds$461
Affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate ***See Note $4***Miscellaneous$511
Affidavit of Severance from Real Estate ( without title fee to Vehicle)Miscellaneous$501
Certified copy (Plus $50 cents per page, after 3 pages)Service$5
Notarize Signature ****See Note 3****Service$7
Podiatrist Professional RegistryRegistry$10
Certificate of Delinquency AssignmentYear-Bill #$301
Certificate of Delinquency ReassignmentYear-Bill #$461
Certificate of Delinquency ReleaseYear-Bill #461
  1. Add $3.00 per page for each page over 5 pages
  2. Add $4.00 for each additional reference
  3. $5.00 Per Acknowledgement (Verification of identity) plus $2.00 Per Notarization (Per Person/Per Document)
  4. Title Surrender Fee of $1.00 to Vehicle Registration & Recording Fee of $50.00 to Real Estate.
  5. Add $3.00 per page for each page over 30 pages

Effective January 1, 2020, the recording fee for a mortgage with MERS as the nominee will be on the fee schedule as a Mortgage with MERS/Assignment.