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Auto Transfers

Transferring a Kentucky Title From One Owner to Another

What's Needed to Transfer a Kentucky Title?

  • Kentucky Certificate or Title (seller and buyer both notarized)
  • Picture Identification
  • Lien Release (if applicable)
  • SSN or Kentucky Driver’s License Number for owner/buyer
  • Current Address for owner/buyer
  • Birth Month (owner/buyers)
  • Kentucky proof of insurance card (not policy page) in the buyer’s name effective within 45 days of transfer on the vehicle being transferred

Speed Title

An unlimited number of applications can be submitted.

Speed Titles are $25.00

Speed Title Pick-Up: Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Available for pick up on the second business day after the initial application is made.
A power of attorney will be required to pick up someone else’s title.

Kentucky Transporation Cabinet
200 Mero St, Frankfort, KY 40622

Take Note*

Please note: If the seller does not sign the title(s) and/or TC-96-182 and have it notarized, then the state requires that the buyer pay 6% sales tax on 100% of the retail book value, instead of trade-in/purchase price of the vehicle.

If the paperwork is properly signed and notarized see the Usage Tax Exemption Guidelines.

The seller is responsible for any and all property taxes due on the vehicle they are selling. The buyer will not pay property tax until after they have had the vehicle titled in their name(s) as of January 1 of the following year.

*Note to the buyer: If the seller does not pay the taxes on the vehicle to be transferred and they are delinquent, then the buyer will have to pay the taxes in order to transfer the vehicle in their name. Once the transfer is complete the buyer will be given a new vehicle registration in their name at the Clerk’s Office, then the new title will be mailed to the new owner 2 to 6 weeks after the date of transfer.

*Note to seller: Signing the back of a title and having it notarized does not automatically transfer the vehicle to the new owner. The title must be taken to a Motor Vehicle Office and physically transferred to the Kentucky Motor Vehicle System. The seller is still legally liable for the vehicle and taxes until the transfer has been completed. It is always recommended that both the buyer and the seller be together for the transfer, to ensure all documentation has been properly processed.

*Note: We advise both seller and buyer to be present to transfer ownership of a title.

Out-of-State Transfers

Titling a Vehicle When You Move into Kentucky

A person who is bringing a vehicle from another state is required to title the vehicle within 15 days. The following documents and information are required:

  • out of state title (photo copy is not acceptable)
  • Sheriff’s Inspection Form TC 96-182 (see download below)
    -a copy of the title is required for the Sheriff’s inspection
    -the Sheriff’s Department is located in the basement of the Madison County Annex Building
  • proof of sales/usage that was paid from the previous state. Examples could include one of the following:
    -tax shown on certificate of title
    -dealer purchase contract
    -financing statement from lender
    -receipt or letter from tax agency
  • if proof of sales is not available, presumed credit will be given
  • proof of Kentucky insurance card on vehicle being registered with EFFECTIVE DATE being NO LATER than 45 DAYS of transfer
  • a title that contains AND or has NO connector between the owners, both parties’ signatures are required
  • proof of identification is required

When your title is held b y a lien holder/finance company, we have a letter we will send to your lien holder requesting them to send us the out of state title. We will contact the customer when we receive your out of state title.

The information required for the request:

  • lien holder/finance company name, address, and fax number
  • customers name, address, and contact number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Account Number

The State of Kentucky can issue one temporary tag with KY proof of insurance on an out of state vehicle coming into the state. The cost of a temporary tag is $2.00 and it expires 30 days from the date of issue.

Paperwork Required

  • Out of State title signed by the seller and notarized if applicable. See the link below.
  • TC 96-182 signed and notarized by seller for the sales price amount (Download below). Highlighted ares on example below must be filled out. Without this form signed and notarized by seller, the buyer will be charge 6% sales tax based on high retail according to NADA instead of purchase price.
  • Sheriff’s inspection (located in the Madison County Annex) 859-623-1511
  • Proof of Kentucky Insurance (VIN number must match registration) ***the effective date on the insurance card
  • must be NO MORE THAN 45 DAYS from the date you come to the County Clerk’s Office to register your vehicle. Proof of insurance can be emailed to [email protected]

Lease to Ownership

Purchasing a Lease

If an individual is purchasing their leased vehicle from the Lease company, then the Lease company will provide the Kentucky title. The title will be properly signed and notarized, with the odometer reading and the sales price completed on the back.

​The lessee or buyer will then bring the title to the Clerk’s Office along with their Kentucky proof of insurance to complete the transfer.

Lessee or buyer will pay 6% sales tax on the buy-out price of the leased vehicle, along with transfer and registration fees. The Kentucky Title will be mailed within 4-6 weeks to the new owner.

I Purchased a Vehicle as a Lease. What do I need to get it registered?

Renewal on a leased vehicle will occur in the lease company’s incorporation month, not in the lessee’s birth month.

The annual renewal reminder that is mailed from Kentucky State Transportation will be sent to the Lease Company.

Lessee(s) should not wait to renew their registration if they do not receive the renewal reminder.

How to Obtain a Salvage Title/Rebuilt Title

Drop off/Pick up Schedule

Applications are to be made between 8 am and 4 pm.
Pick-ups are to be made between 11 am and 4 pm
Monday drop-offs can be picked up the following Monday
Thursday drop-offs can be picked up the following Thursday

Drop-off mail schedule:
Monday-Thursday 8:00am-3:30pm​
Closed Friday (rebuilt customers only)

When applications are dropped off, they will be available for pickup on the same day of the following week.

Only one (1) application per individual/business per day will be processed for same-day service.

To obtain a salvage title

To apply for a salvage title, you are required to bring the following items to the Motor Vehicle Department:

  • Kentucky certificate or title
  • Current or expired license plate to the vehicle
  • A lien release if applicable (TC 96-187)
  • When purchasing a vehicle for the first time, 6% sales tax will be collected
  • Fee of $9.00 for basic salvage title and 4-6 weeks to process, or fee of $25.00 for speed title and 3-5 business days to process

Changing a title over to salvage status means the vehicle cannot be on the road until it has been sent through the rebuilt process.

Rebuilt Title Vehicle

To apply for a rebuilt title, you are required to bring the following items to the Motor Vehicle Department:

  • Kentucky certificate or title
  • A form of personal identification
  • Sheriff’s inspection
  • Kentucky affidavit of Motor Vehicle Assembled from wrecked or salvage motor vehicles (TC 96-215 Form)
  • Labor statement of work performed
  • Receipts/invoices of new or used parts

Changing a title over to salvage status means the vehicle cannot be on the road until it has been sent through the rebuilt process.

Titling a New Vehicle


The following document and information are required:

-Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MSO/C of O)
-Sheriff’s Inspection on the Kentucky Application for Certificate of Title form (TC96-182). If a new car is purchased from a Kentucky Dealer the Sheriff’s inspection is not required.
-Kentucky proof of insurance card on the vehicle being purchased effectively within 45 days of the transfer
-Driver’s License or other forms of legal picture ID
-Social Security Card, KY Driver’s License, or FEIN number
-Proof of Lien-Holder if a Lien is to be filed. Title Lien Statement (TC96-187) form is completed by the dealership and signed by the buyer

The seller will need to sign and have notarized the Affidavit of Purchase Price form (TC96-182), and write in the purchase price of the vehicle.

The Clerk’s Office will accept a fax of the TC96-182 form that has been signed and notarized by the seller if it has not already been provided.

Kentucky’s sales tax rate is 6% and will be collected at the time of titling and registration of the new vehicle along with $9.00 title fee, $21.00 per year based on the customer’s birth month.

Lien fee of $22.00 or $24.00 will be applied when applicable.

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